Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the rock aka art lover boy

my is ronald waklin i am 15 year the people at the youth call me the rock or dj
i like the beaues the girl look and people come teach us about to be a youth lead
at youth center poeple like how i am be i have some good like p5 and the girl erline wishland and gani... and i am a boy how like to dance and draw and play pool.

Monday, March 29, 2010

life in haiti

Many years ago the french and english took men and women from haiti to work as slaves in their country.Of course these slaves wanted to be free and some of them managed to escape.these escape slaves and their descendants were called marrons.They lived in a little town name rabotoh and fought against the soldiers.Redcoats who were sent out by the english to capture them.there were many brave fighters amongs the maroons.But one of the most famous of their leaders was a woman name jessica who gave her name to jessica town.There was two little towns one name jessica town and one the maroons town.After the jessica town come free.The maroons town have decided to fight for their independent finaly they have their freedom.But the leader who was the most famous was a man name twill but jessicadid still a warrior.Jessica was a beautiful but she was witch.They say she have the power to change her shape only her eyes was the same darkeyes in which the flame of freedom burned.young men fell from the plantation to be with her and become her warriors.They say that she defended jessica town by magic.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Say Goodbye

Its now the time to say goodbye
You were once the apple of my eye
And now your image starts to die

And deep inside I want to cry
But all I do with just a sigh
Is look your way and say goodbye

Not everyone chooses to go; not every one wants to leave
Sometimes leaving early can be the best thing
Because the longer you're somewhere
Makes it harder for you to go
I'll try not to take it too hard
But we have to remember that nothing is set in stone
Not even you and I

By Kin-z Francis

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Best Friend

I know a friend who is kind always and whose patience never fails. A in friend sickness, a friend in health. My best friend, my very best friend. Some best friends we meet at school while other people have dogs even cats for their best friend, but my best friend lives at my home and her presence bring me joy. What is the meaning of friendship? Can a best friend be one that laughs and cries with you? My best friend she does for me. But now she has gone and gone forever. My hope, my inspiration for when she did lay in my womb. Her unformed and her unknown. She loved me and she still loves me till today. My very best friend...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Youth Leader After High School

My name is Roline Joeneme, as a recent graduate out of high school, I still play the role as a youthleader at the Edward C. Gartland Youth centre. I find it a pleasure to still come to the centre and be a role model as a leader for youngsters.

I feel good that I can still be a part of the youth centre and not feel like a stranger or feel old around them.

It has been three months since I have been out of high school and I can say that the youth centre has been no strange place to me. I still participate in various activities that are happening here at the centre.

I hope in the future there is always something I can volunteer to do to give my time to the youths.